20 May 2006

A change of name...
I recently read a weather report and the forecast stated for that particular day that there would be "episodes of sunshine." For some reason that phrase was so profound sounding to me.
I thought life is just like that.
I know that in life, it is not always sunny. There is rain, but rain brings nourishment and growth. Clouds come along too sometimes, but they make much needed shade. Rest... sometimes if things are "cloudy" maybe one may need to just pause and rest. Even storms have a cleansing element about them or it "refines" our atmosphere.
And then there are those "episodes of sunshine."
The things I tend to share are of some of my episodes of sunshine.
No matter what the "weather" in life is like.... God still is SO good and He IS faithful and true.


baSfsoGp said...


KEm said...

I like it sis. Katie!! Love you lots, your an encouragement to me!

Brandon said...

Ever thought about being a writer? I love your blog Sis. Katie! I like the looks of it, but the contents are best part! Glad to be your son.

-Brandon (CoSon)