12 May 2006


When my children were still toddlers I had the desire to homeschool. This desire was fullfilled. When I thought of the education I wanted for them I wanted the best I could give to them. I realized due to limited resources as well as well as other factors this would not be prep school level but I still knew I could give them the best despite those supposed limitationas. Besides, the the main reason I chose to home educate my children was for spiritual reasons. I did it for their souls. I wanted to give them the best surroundings possible while their hearts and minds grew up.
I fed them "pulse and water" instead of "meat and wine."

They have both held their own and and I believe that either of them will do just fine in their choice of institution of higher learning. The SAT and the ACT scores prove as much. No glory goes to this creature, it all goes to the Creator. Thank you God.
And now the time has come that my oldest child is graduating from high school. She does not know what life will hold for her, none of us do. What she does know is that there is "one thing that is needful." I am thankful she has chosen that "good part."
Tesia you are a blessing to me. SHMILY


tesia said...

Happy Mother's Day Mamma.


JeniBeans said...

Aww, I love you guys! Love and Blitz's! Congrats Tesia and Happy Mother's Day, Mamma Katie!

Denna said...

I can't believe Tesia is through with school. It seems like only yesterday when you guys moved here. I love and appreciate you all. I will remember this post when I am having a really hard day with homeschooling. Some days are so hard. I know I am doing the best thing for my children, but some days I just don't see how I can go on. It is encouraging when you see the different ones who was homeschooled finish. I know before I can turn around my day will be here. I dread that. I want to keep them little forever. Love you,