13 June 2006

Postcards from Florida

We are leaving and headed south to Florida. This is where I grew up. It is also where I obtained my spiritual roots.
Growing up in FL was fun but as sin began to take hold and I made those bad choices it was a dangerous place for my soul. But God had a plan. Doesn't He always? Through a series of events I found myself in a Church of God worship service one Sunday morning in 1986.
They told me my problem. They also told me how to fix it. By God's grace this year marks 20 years I have lived free from sin,
And now I am going "home" for a visit. I will miss the family here in MCA that can't go with us but thank the Lord at the end of this week
I will be reunited with much of my family. Some are from where my heart is left and some from far away. I too am looking forward to campmeeting and I do not take it for granted that I am able to be there.
So... saying all that I hope to be able to send some postcards from la florida while we are gone.
See ya'll guys later! ; )


Alabamabrands said...

Florida was a rather dangerous place for my soul as well.
I think it's wonderful that there are quite a few congregations down there.
Have fun. see you in a few days

Brooke said...

Awww...Aunti! I already miss you!
Last year was so much fun! Bounce on the bed for me, but be sure and warn the person that is sleeping there that the sheet will never be the same! Remember that van we saw that had the air conditioner in the window? LOL!! I have a pic at the link above. Remember to sent us tidbits of campmeeting through your blog! :) Luby!~

jaim said...

Thank the Lord for awnsering prayer so that we can see you down at campmeeting too. I hope that you have fun with your "natural fam". I am so glad that you got saved (when I was 7) (hahaha). Okay maybe your not laughing at that one. Love ya!!!!!