20 July 2006


This is a perfect picture of how to describe the way a person feels when they have dual-pinkeye among other ailments.
I did not take this great photograph but... I can tell you all about dual-pinkeye ;)

photo courtesy of limeyinbermuda.com


Denna said...

Sister Katie, Sorry to hear you are still sick. We will be praying for you.
Love you much, Denna

JeniBeans said...

love and miss you, sister katie. hope you are better real soon!

Kelly said...

Gee Katie, when you do something, you go "whole hog" huh??

I kinda think "pink eyes" are cute. They're a whole lot nicer than "green eyes"...

(get it?)

Omaloriann said...

Oh, Sis KAS - so sorry you had the sickies in your house - glad your better. Missed you.
Love & appreciate you muches.

Anonymous said...
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