15 September 2006

This is an informational post. I am one of those who have updated to Beta Blogger. Unfortunately all of the features of this version are not working. So...things like posting a comment on a non-Beta Blog and using the "Blog This", feature from Picasa are not cooperating with me. There have been a few times I have attempted to post a comment to no avail. Maybe soon they will have these bugs worked out.
In the meantime...
I love and appreciate you too Autumn, Come soon and visit. You might...now I said might... even get some of us to play Blitz.
And to you Mr. Dylan I say "Double yuck" to the large vermin who visited you recently.
Sister Reba!!! Cute???? Honey you need a vacation. Cute???
Triple Yuck


baSfsoGp said...

So you can't post on non-beta sites. Can non beta sites post on yours? This is a test.

Anonymous said...

yes I believe so