01 November 2006

Happy Happy November 1st


J. No said...


Happy happy to you too!

baSfsoGp said...

Those happys just keep on piling up. No telling how big that pile is going to get.

BE SURE to happy,happy, happy November 2nd as well.... just in case I'm not in mental shape to help you....

Rebecca said...

Thank you! I love happy, happy days, and especially November! I think it is Sis. Goldie's birthday today and Derek's too. November is special in several ways to me:
1.The month of Thanksgiving!
2.Brandon's Birthday(20th)
3.Our Anniversery(3rd)
Happy November 1st, to you too Sis. Katie! BTW, I love your name,
(Katherine Anne)! We are missing you and hope you are having lots of fun and lots of happy days!

Vanessa said...

I love November also! haha 4 days until my 19th birthday!