19 August 2007

for Maria...

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Happily Ever After

On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
And special memories too.

On your day I wish for you
Good things to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life’s best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!

Happy Birthday!

I love you very much. xoxo


AlabamaBrands said...

Happy birthday!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful one!!

JeniBeans said...

Happy Smurfday, Tesia!!!!!!!!!

Monkey In The Middle said...

Happy 19th Tesia

Ncgurlie07 said...

yppah yadhtrid aiseT!!
love the birthday hat!

tesiamaria said...

Thanks Mama.