03 September 2007

Thorgerson Trivia

Isn't he a cutie-pie????

Now...tell me what is wrong with this picture??
click on the picture for a better view


Denna said...

Wrong with the picture??? He is wearing a Alabama outfit.

Vanessa said...

Why is he holding a tiger?!


JeniBeans said...

first of all...I know of at least ONE T. that is an Auburn fan...so it strikes me as a bit odd that Amie even put that on him. Or does she even know about it? HA. The second thing is that....that's not his Pluffy is it? Who's is it?

But just seeing a Thorgerson in Bama rags makes me feel.....unsure. LOL

Hope said...

hmmm Pooh- "think think think"
It looks like he found a hole in the back of the couch with his thumb.. yeah. if you happened to look close.. um.. that may not be the response you were looking for though.. (hahahahaha)