21 February 2008

Directory of unknown callers.

I received a call today that I did recognize the area code or the number.
I googled the area code and I found this site.
This is so awesome.
It ends up my mystery number has called others and they posted about their experience.
And...it was a telemarketer ringing me up.
It is really weird, it's almost an empowering feeling
when the telemarketer doesn't "get" me.


baSfsoGp said...

I looked something up on this site one time and even left a comment. The number was for some charitable organization soliciting funds.

In the past someone in my life-- I can't remember for sure who-- worked for a place that did that. I learned from her experience that they work from a room full of callers, that they are watched closely to be sure they are continually calling, and that they are "let go" if they are not good at convincing people to "donate". But the real kicker was: I learned that the charity -- or whatever it was they were soliciting funds for-- only got a VERY SMALL percentage of the actual money contributed.

That's when I lost my sympathy for all those phone calls for charitable causes. I decided right then and there, I'd give my money to folks I knew or to our local volunteer fire department.

luker said...

that's what paul does.